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The Special Forces motto: "De Oppresso Liber" - to free the oppressed

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National Guard and Reserve families sometimes have trouble accessing support services from military installations. During deployments, these families may lose income when their military member leaves a civilian job to accept a military position overseas. The loss of income and lack of resources can create gaps that are hard on families.

Our Military Kids, founded in 2004, fills these gaps with a simple grant program that pays for children’s activities. Within days of receiving applications from eligible families, the staff at the Our Military Kids office will send special “Top Secret” packets to children, thanking them for their service to our country. checks are sent directly to specified activity providers.

Our Military Kids, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing grants to children of deployed & severely injured Service Members and Veterans.


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R.I.P. Bob “Sparky” Sullivan

1981 - before flash

17 Dec 1940
7 Dec 2018

1981 - Bad Tolz, Germany

After living with Alzheimer's dementia for a number of years, Bob is finally at peace. He soldiered on like the cop, Marine and Green Beret he was despite the many roadblocks this tragic disease put before him. Bob lived the first 52 years of his life in Miami, Florida. A natural story teller, Bob loved to tell the tales of his childhood near the Miami River, his first job as a paper boy, life in Marine boot camp at Paris Island in 1959, adventures in Miami back yards as an FPL meter reader, and ultimately the many street stories from his career with the Miami Police Department. During his 27 years "on the job" Bob was a patrol officer, a K-9 officer, served on the Bomb Squad and Task Force, commanded SWAT and CITAT, and finished his career as a patrol Lieutenant, officially retiring as a Captain. As Bob was fond of saying, he "was only shot once," and credits a young surgeon newly returned from Viet Nam with fixing Bob's shot-up right hand so well he went on to compete in shooting competitions.

After his Marine Reserve enlistment was up, Bob joined the 11th Special Forces Group (Abn) in Miami. Many good stories are associated with his time as a Green Beret, including how Bob got the nickname "Sparky" after accidentally starting a fire near the Everglades area used as a drop zone for parachute operations. In addition to Special Forces, he served with other Reserve units including the USAR School in Coral Gables, and the 841st Engineer Battalion (Combat) in Miami and Orlando.

1993 found Bob in his new "hometown" of Deland, Florida where he joined Rotary, the Republican Club of West Volusia, and became a Reserve VCSO deputy. Bob continued serving in the Army Reserves with units in Orlando until he retired in 1998 as a Master Sergeant. After a brief time as a realtor with Kathy Sanders Realty, Bob spent 12 years as the Director of Special Projects under VCSO Sheriff Ben Johnson in which he devoted his considerable organizational and managerial talents to the COP, Chaplain, Victim Advocate, and Volunteer programs.

Bob's story isn't complete without mention of marrying Lorraine in 1985 and their countless adventures together camping, hiking, kayaking, driving up Pike's Peak in a Miata, ballroom dancing, and becoming grandparents, the ultimate experience. There will be no public service at Bob's request. If you'd like to make a memorial donation in Bob's name to help continue the excellent, compassionate end-of-life care provided by Halifax Health – Hospice, you can do so online at halifaxhealth.org/donations. And lastly, celebrate Bob's life by hoisting your favorite beverage in a toast to him on his birthday, December 17th.

The 11th Special Forces Group was deactivated in 1995 along with the 12th Group.

Both groups were part of the U.S. Army Reserves for many years.

Their (shortsighted) removal from the Reserve components during budget cutbacks after Desert Storm left
the 19th and 20th Groups of the Army National Guard to soldier on.

Some of the soldiers of the 11th transferred to the 20th Group, changing their flash to continue their careers. One company from the 2nd Bn of the 11th Group in Virginia transferred in it’s entirety to the 20th Group.

The National Guard SF Groups have distinguished themselves in combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan
where several have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Citizen soldiers who dedicated part of their lives.. and in several instances their life...
in service to our country.

This site is intended to be a meeting place for the men of the 11th Group. In particular, the 3rd Battalion and its HHD that was located in Miami, Florida for so many years.

Although we’ve scattered with the wind, this soldier hasn’t forgotten those he served with. First as a O5B on an A Team with Company F, fresh out of SFQC in August 1973, to an 18E serving as Battalion Commo Chief or Intel Chief at different times in the ‘80s and very early ‘90s.

Contributions of historical material (aka “war stories” or photos)
from former 11th Group soldiers are welcome.

Chuck Joslin SFC 18E4O
Co F, 11th SFGA / HHD 3rd Bn, 11SFGA
Served 1972-1991

Distinguished Honor Graduate - SFQC Class 5-73

Email contact: Chuck Joslin

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