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A tribute to and mini-history of the

11th Special Forces Group (Abn)

from a Headquarters, Headquarters Detachment, 3rd Bn perspective

The Quiet Professionals

The Special Forces motto: "De Oppresso Liber" - to free the oppressed

Beret with 11th Flash

The 3rd Battalion of the 11th Special Forces Group was headquartered in Miami. FL until it’s deactivation in 1995.

3rd Battalion - the end game

HHD, 3rd Bn - Miami, Florida

Co A - Tampa, FL

Co B - Columbus, GA

Co C - Winston-Salem, NC

Headquarters - Headquarters Detachment of the 3rd Bn was formerly Co F 11SFGA,
prior to reorganization as battalions in 1973.

As Company F, its longtime commander was Major Douglas D. King of Coral Gables, FL.

Co F was based at the Army Reserve Center on San Amaro Drive at the University of Miami campus.

Some time after reorganization (in the 1970’s), HHD relocated to a secluded compound at the former US Navy blimp base off of Coral Reef Drive in southwest Dade County near the present day Metro Zoo. Al Perez, who was in HHD 1982-1985 recently (May 2011) contacted the author and said the move was in 1984. I defer to his memory.

The entire 11th Group was deactivated in 1994-1995, a few years after this author left the unit.

SF Enlisted Branch Insignia

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