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11th Special Forces Group (Abn)

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The Quiet Professionals

The Special Forces motto: "De Oppresso Liber" - to free the oppressed

Beret with 11th Flash

SF Commo Guys are a “Different” Breed

It’s a well-known fact that A Teams were issued demo guys so the radio operators would have someone to carry and crank their generators.

At 3rd Battalion, the Commo section could always be counted on to double as the Morale Section during deployments. During the mid-’70s to early ‘80s, Mike Bell (graduated SFQC in 1974) was our unofficial “librarian”, providing essential “reading” materials to members of HHD and visiting units.

Mike: if you’re out there... I think you still have my June 1984 Playboy in the library. Please return it.

Mike left HHD to join an A Team at A Company in Tampa at some point in the ‘80s and it was just never the same.

Mike was the co-founder of the Joslin-Bell Ski School at Ft. Drum in the winter of 1985 at our annual training during Operation Golden Glacier (aka Yellow Snow - see Operations). A typical Commo section activity.

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