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A tribute to and mini-history of the

11th Special Forces Group (Abn)

from a Headquarters, Headquarters Detachment, 3rd Bn perspective

The Quiet Professionals

The Special Forces motto: "De Oppresso Liber" - to free the oppressed

Beret with 11th Flash
Senior Parachute Badge
HHD- 3/11 Late 80s

HHD 3/11 - Late ‘80s - scan courtesy Bob Sullivan

Major Hannum assumes command

1985 - Major Hannum assumes command - scan courtesy Fred Hannum

C7-A jump

Members of HHD, 3BN (including the author) exit the rear ramp of a C-7A Caribou over Son Tay Drop Zone
in Homestead, Florida circa November 1979.
Photo taken by then SSG Robert Sullivan (Asst Op Sgt). Aircraft was likely from the AFRES in Gulfport, Mississippi and operated out of New Tamiami Airport in SW Dade County during the airborne operation.

HHD ran frequent airborne operations. More than was necessary to maintain jump status for the troops. We loved to jump! Including one anonymous Sergeant Major (tall guy, very little hair) who made at least one dry land jump while no longer on jump status due to a medical.

Fixed wing aircraft normally included the C-7A, C-130 Hercules and the C-141B Starlifter.
A C5-A Galaxy was employed in a very few operations over the years.

The venerable UH-1H Huey was employed when fixed wing aircraft were unavailable.

Other aircraft included the CH-47 Chinook, the U-6 Beaver, CH-53 and C-123.

One year in the 1980s, the advance party to annual training at Camp Edwards flew a jeep home in a C-123 from New York. Had to stop at Pope AFB to refuel before heading home to Homestead AFB.

 Looking down at the Florida Turnpike, I swear the trucks were moving faster than we were. It was a very long flight.


Otis AFB 1983

1LT Bloodworth and MSG Estes of C/3/11 at Otis AFB in 1983 in MP garb.

The author devised a cover and deception plan as Battalion Intel Chief that had 3/11 successfully posing as a MP battalion.

The 11th Group Deputy Commander came to visit and it took him until his second day at Otis to find the unit. He happened to run into a member of HHD who he knew on sight. Otherwise, he might still be looking for us.

Photo Courtesy Charles Bloodworth LTC USAR (Ret)

Jumpmaster Briefing - 1983 - Bell, Manak

Jumpmaster briefing at New Tamiami Airport prior to C-7A jump. December 1983.
Photo - Author’s personal collection

Author with CSM Dick Loehr at his retirement in late 80’s.

Good thing he has long arms.... look at those hash marks!

Photo - Author’s personal collection

Bell Sullivan BadToelz Germany

Mike Bell and Bob Sullivan at Flint Kaserne, Bad Toelz, Germany - 1981. We got in a Huey jump with the 10th SFG(A) into a cow pasture. A few of us got to go to Altenstadt in Bavaria to the German Airborne and Air Transport School and earned our German jump wings with five jumps from a C-160 Transall. With (very) old T-10 parachutes!
- scan courtesy Bob Sullivan.

Co C 3rd Bn - 1983

- scan courtesy Will Hux

Glacier Base Camp

1987 Winter Warfare Training in Alaska
Above:  Basecamp on glacier
Below: Sgt Valdez - Love those Mickey Mouse boots!
scans courtesy Franco “Frank” Valdez

Micky Mouse Boots
Cpt Heinitsh Tripp Drbal-1975

Sgt Vladimir Drbal, “Doc” Harry Heinitsh, Capt Russ Tripp - 1975
Photo - Courtesy Vladimir Drbal

Harry Thomas - C-7A jump

Medic Harry Thomas lounging in a C-7A Caribou - likely over S Florida in the 1980s.
Photo - Courtesy Harry Thomas

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